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"I received my second EWC magazine and so far  I love it. Literally read it cover to cover--no kidding. That doesn’t always happen with magazines, but EWC Magazine does an excellent job pulling together articles that are packed with useful information on a wide variety of topics. The topics are relevant to matters we face in California Workers’ Comp and I love the ‘Tips & Takeaways’ at the end of every article. I also like the timing of the magazine."

--Linda Johnson

Workers’ Comp Group Program Administrator at NonProfits’ United

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“Your EWC MAGAZINE provides excellent experienced professional insight on many of the key parameters relating to an excellent workers’ compensation program. The emphasis your authors make on empathy, case manager personal involvement, and great communication yields better injured employee medical and return-to-work outcomes. This approach is caring, by nature, and sets the stage for reduced employee/employer conflict, fears, anxiety, and litigation.”



Chief Policy Officer

Association for Responsible Alternatives to Workers’ Compensation (ARAWC)

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