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Silver Sponsor

$4000 - $4500


  • Attendee List

  • 6 VIP Guest Passes ($2,100 value). Passes are valid for use by upper and middle management workers’ comp and risk management professionals only. Cannot be given to sales and marketing representatives, doctors or attorneys.

  • Your Logo posted on EWC Website

Booth Information

  • 6′Draped Table, 2 Chairs

  • 2 Booth Workers

Silver Sponsor Options

  • AV Sponsor: Your company logo displayed after each session.

  • CEU Sponsor:Your company ad on back of certificate.

  • Check-In Sponsor: Five company employees get to check in the workers’ company risk management executives!

  • Cocktail Hour Musical Guest Sponsor

  • Pens Sponsor

  • Break Crawl Sponsor ($4500): Special delivery of premium treats delivered to your booth and delightfully presented for attendees to enjoy during our extended break. Break Crawl will surely attract visitors to your booth. Includes balloons at your booth so the decision-makers can find you quickly and easily. Choice of Morning or Afternoon


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